Solution Research Company

Resistance Heated Very High Temperature Process Engineering & Equipment, 2,300 C

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Thermal Technology LLC standard Graphite lab
furnace fitted with custom Solution Research
Company built granular feeder and exhaust
control with particulate collection.  Operated at
1,800 C to 2,300 C for Carbothermic reduction of
Silica and Carbon to Silicon Carbide or Solar Silicon.

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Special Graphite and water cooled parts engineering for operation at 2,300 C by Solution Research Company.


Solution Research Graphite resistance heated lab furnace under construction.
(Not Shown)

3,000 C maximum temperature;
Work zone: 6" diameter by 16" deep.
Graphite hot zone;
Multi-zone heating possible.

Slated for completion: early 2015.


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Beta Silicon Carbide made from Rice Husks in a pilot furnace, process design, experimental runs and internal Graphite engineering by Solution Research Company.

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Alpha Silicon Carbide from Rice Husks.